September Specials

We have exceptional specials in store on some great products for your garden this month:

Enriched planting mix 30 litre $8.95 

Sugar cane Mulch $15.95

Red Gum Mulch $38.50 M3, Super new product, we'll have it online shortly, Ned Kelly garden figure sold separately. 

There is a huge range of wine barrels in store, and these are perfect for your veranda, patio or backyard. We have whole and halves in 225L, 300L and 500L.

225 Litre $200

300 Litre $220

500 Litre $400

Give us a call for dimensions, ordering, halves available on request. 

Online specials:

Crushed Brick 10mm $30.80 M3, view HERE
Cream Pebble 14mm $70.40 M3, view HERE
Cream Pebble 20mm $70.40 M3, order HERE