Stay warm this winter

The mornings have started getting cooler, and it won't be long before the Central Victorian frost makes its return. We stock high quality redgum at ASQ Garden & Landscape yards, which is perfect for keeping you warm and stocked up. 

Pick up or organise for a delivery of a small bucket load or a large bucket. Perfect for creating your own stockpile at home! If you need a large amount but using a trailer to pick up isn't an option, our friendly staff can deliver your load to your door. Check out our prices or place an order online at

Get a bucket of firewood, stock the shed and keep warm all winter long. 

If you just need a bag or two for weekends around the fire pit, visit ASQ Garden & Landscape as we have 50-litre bags for you to pick up for just $16.95. 

We maintain large stockpiles of redgum through the warmer months to ensure your fire keeps burning!