Worm Hit Organic Fertiliser

Worm Hit is a mixture of organic worm castings and an organic carbon food source which has been pelletised to create a nutrient and microbe rich, natural and organic fertiliser.

Worm Hit pellets are full of a highly active biological mix of beneficial soil microbes, enzymes and water-soluble plant nutrients. Worm Hit has the ability to remove harmful toxins, fungi and bacteria which in turn helps fight off plant diseases.

Worm Hit will condition your soil, increase it's ability to retain moisture, reduce acid forming carbon in the soil and increase nitrogen levels to a state that the plant can easily use.

Worm Hit is also available in brick form which is great for placing in the ground before planting larger trees, shrubs or bare root plants.

Visit ASQ Garden & Landscape to find out more and grab a bucket of Worm Hit today!

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