Pop up Gift Shop now open

ASQ Garden & Landscape's Pop Up Gift Shop is stocked full of a variety of home goods, indoor plants and some lovely new gifts. 


The Pop Up Gift shop is located in the Maxi IGA Complex, Castlemaine. Drop in before doing your groceries and treat yourself to a new houseplant, grab a few gifts and have a chat to the team. 


We are happy to answer all your questions about our new nursery (3 Miners court, Castlemaine, Cnr of Langslow & Martin Streets) and provide helpful advice on all of your gardening projects and indoor plants. Give us a call on 5474 5503 or pop in for a chat. 


We have a beautiful selection of healthy potted plants for the home (or office) as well as garden accessories, such as pots, garden ornaments and gardening gloves. We have furniture, homewares, fashion and accessories and heaps more. If you are in the market for a gift, or even a birthday surprise then pop in to the pop up shop. 


We have a huge variety of indoor plants, including favourites such as heart leaf philodendrons, monstera, Zanzibar gems, fiddle leaf figs, rubber plant Ficus elastica, snake plant, Jade, aloe, haworthia, string of pearls, Ctenanthe Grey Star and heaps more.


Open 10am - 5pm, every day.