Product Information

ColourGuard delivers micron-sized pigment solids into the tiny pores of leaf tissues via water spray. The colour pigments are organic and natural making ColourGuard a safe product for the environment, pets, and people. Just one application can give your lawn up to three months of great colour. Once it has dried, it is locked in. ColourGuard will not bleed, run, or stain once absorbed. It is easy to use, works on all lawns, in extreme heat, rain, cold and frost. Plus, ColourGuard reduces the amount of fertiliser and water your lawn requires. Lawn Solutions ColourGuard can dry on your lawn in as little as 2 hours when in full sunlight and will work like a lawn paint. ColourGuard 2L ready-to-use bottle covers up to 150m2. How to use: First, attach your hose to the Ready-to-use bottle. Then keep the bottle upright and spray evenly across your lawn, working methodically from one side to another. When working near surfaces stand on the surface and spray away from the surface onto your lawn. Leave your lawn to dry for at least 2 hours (if sunny) and longer if its shady. Water your lawn 2 to 3 days after application to wash off any excess.