Mission, Vision and Values


To provide a range of quality products that meets our customer needs, with service that exceeds expectation. Our focus is to maintain a safe and environmentally conscious, and sustainable company, that engages with our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our community.


To be a locally trusted brand in the way of product, service, safety and environment; achieved by the continuous innovation and development of our personnel, systems and processes.


Passion – be positive in our outlook and meaningful in our actions and interactions.
Respect – respect for ourselves, our teammates, our equipment, our environment and our Company.
Integrity – lead by example and be united and true to our values.
Ownership – take pride in ourselves, our work and be accountable for our actions.
Progressive – support and encourage each other to be proactive, drive individual goals and thrive in the workplace.
Teamwork – working collaboratively within our Team and across our Company to achieve and celebrate success together.