Product Information

Grub Guard kills aphids, bugs, caterpillars, and many other pests, and it is one of the very few products on the market that kills lawn grub larvae. That means you can use it post-attack from a host of pests and prior to an attack from grubs.

Grub Guard is safer to use than any other pest control product. It contains the active ingredient Esfenvalerate, a broad-spectrum insecticide that's toxic to most insects.

The Grub Guard 2L trigger-spray bottle treats up to 150m2.

How to use:
Shake the contents well, and then attach the trigger to the bottle. Apply at the first sign of pest infestation and before pest populations build up to damaging levels. Ensure thorough coverage of infested leaves and stems. For maintenance treatment, repeat the treatment if pests reappear or repeat the treatment at 3-month intervals to prevent re-infestation. Check the forecast before applying, and do not apply if temperatures are expected to exceed 28 degrees Celsius or if rain, hail, or snow is expected within the next 24 hours. Do not spray if bees are feeding on flowering plants. Keep away from water environments such as dams, drains, and ponds. Keep away from fish and bees.