About ASQ

ASQ is a locally owned and operated company supplying quality products and service. We are a supplier of choice for many small, medium and large businesses and retail customers.

Our three divisions allow us to provide high quality products and professional expertise for a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

ASQ has substantially grown and successfully become a vertically integrated company. From supplying quarry products to our premix concrete and landscape divisions though to recycling construction and demolition waste for our landscape customers, our business model is unique and ever evolving. This model allows us to ensure tighter quality control across a number of products and helps us to reduce costs and pass the savings onto our customers. 

ASQ is heavily involved in the local community by employing over 100 residents, sponsoring local groups and organisations, offering apprenticeships and work placement positions and collaborating with local businesses. We also donate a percentage of sales through our Garden & Landscape VIP Community Rewards Program.

Exceeding customer expectations whilst maintaining a sustainable company is a part of our mission at ASQ, which is why we regularly review our environmental impact across all sites. This allows us to develop, implement and maintain our impact on the environment and continuously improve our environmental processes.

ASQ is committed to providing our customers with quality products and service across our three divisions while also maintaining the highest level of ethical, safety, environmental and professional standards. We regularly review our quality processes and procedures to ensure that our products remain at a high standard of quality.