Product Information

AGF Lawn Seed Quickstart 5kg is a premium lawn seed blend, ideal for year-round sowing. Its rapid establishment and vivid green colour will create a lush and resilient lawn that will withstand all your outdoor activities.

To prepare your area for sowing, Level the area and gently rake the surface. Evenly distribute the seed at a rate of 1kg per 25m2, coupled with a lawn starter fertilizer at a rate of 1kg per 30 square meters. Then, lightly rake the surface again for optimal seed-to-soil contact. Maintain consistent, light watering to promote seed germination and vigorous growth. Avoid over-drying or waterlogging the seed bed. As your grass thrives, reduce watering frequency while increasing the water amount per session. When your lawn reaches 6-7cm in height, it is ready for the first trim, followed by 2-3 mowing sessions to reach a mowing height of 3-5cm. Always ensure your mower blades are sharp for a pristine finish.

The mix includes 36% Turf Type Ryegrass, 55% Bentgrass and 9% Fine Fescue.