Courtesy Trailers

Sometimes, a backyard project is bigger than usual, and that's where ASQ Garden & Landscape Courtesy Trailer service steps in to help. At every ASQ Garden & Landscape location, we offer a Courtesy Trailer service, so you can easily transport your purchases home. Whether you're buying sand, soil, mulch, or a water feature, our 6x4 courtesy trailers are available at all our locations.

The best part? The first hour is on us! After that, a fee of $25.00 per hour or part thereof applies. To borrow a trailer, simply fill out some paperwork and provide a copy of your driver's licence. Additional terms and conditions apply, but our team will guide you through the process, ensuring it's quick and straightforward. Check out the video below to see how it works.

At ASQ Garden & Landscape, safety is our top priority, all our trailers (and vehicles) are rigorously maintained and serviced to the highest standards. This means you can transport your purchases confidently, knowing that our equipment meets all transport and load requirements.

Whether you’re picking up plants, soil, or other bulky garden supplies, our trailers make transporting your purchases easier than ever.