Purchase Albizia Julibrissin 'Chocolate Fountain' from ASQ Garden & Landscape

The Albizia Julibrissin 'Chocolate Fountain' is a horticultural gem, setting itself apart with its memorable burgundy leaves. This exquisite Silk Tree is available in two sizes: a small 90cm or a tall 1.2m specimen.

Early summer brings a captivating display of soft, silky pink and white tufted flowers, which complement the lush, fern-like burgundy leaves. These leaves emerge as a mesmerizing bronze-green shade and mature into a stunning burgundy hue, all while cascading in a distinctive manner.

With its branches grafted onto a straight and unblemished trunk, this Albizia adopts a graceful, Bonsai-like structure that is certain to transform any garden or container into a breathtaking focal point.

When planting, be sure to choose well-drained, meticulously prepared soil. Place the bud union slightly above the soil level, water it in thoroughly, and maintain soil moisture until the tree establishes itself. A round of fertilization during planting and another after new growth emerges will provide the necessary nutrients for its growth. Pruning the tips of the tree will encourage branching, although it naturally flourishes with its distinctive cascading foliage.

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