Create years of fruit and colour by planting bare root trees

There is something special about planting a tree that may go on and live for a hundred years. Your tree supports generations of local wildlife and may provide shade for your family for decades. A fruit tree can provide fruit for your family, for preserving and for sharing around your community. A single dwarf apple tree can produce hundreds of apples a season.

Prepare for planting your bare root fruit trees and ornamentals soon for high quality soil when planting. Start by adding some mature manure and compost to your soil and dig it into the ground. As the manure and compost break down into your existing soil in a month, you’ll have nutrient rich garden perfect for planting.

We have a variety of manure choices for your specific soil needs and organic compost ready to go. If you are adding new garden beds or raising the soil level, we have some soil options for you too. Our full range of landscaping materials are available HERE, order online and we'll deliver them right to you. 

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