Bring colour to your garden with bare root roses

Bare root roses are dormant roses sold with the roots exposed. They are a bit unusual to look at, but they'll bring plenty of colour to your garden once established. The bare root process makes them easier to transport, less likely to suffer shock, and more affordable. The one downside is that they do need to be planted almost immediately after purchasing. 

bare root rose ready for planting

With this in mind, it's best to order your roses. We've linked the catalogue and order form below. If you haven't finalised the spot in your garden or soil quite yet, now is the time. 

Firstly, choose a position with full sun and some protection from the wind. Very windy days can blow the petals off. Roses love the sun, at least 6 hours per day. 

If your soil is lacking, work in some organic compost or manure through the soil. There is no need to fertilise when planting your bare root roses.

Roses require a good, deep soak, regularly once established as well as fertiliser and mulch. So don't plant them anywhere the hose cannot reach. 

With your roses ordered, your planting positions selected, and your soil prepped, you'll be able to relax until they arrive. We'll let you know when they are ready for collection. 

My recommendation is the Lorraine Lee rose, originally bread by one of Australia's very first rose producer Alister Clark in Victoria. It is possibly Australia's most popular Australian grown rose variety. It's bread for Australian condition and is apricot-pink in colour, scented, and flowers nearly all year round. Ask your local ASQ Garden & Landscape team member for their favourites.

Download your bare root roses form HERE. Orders close Monday, 31 May 2021.

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Lorraine Lee rose photographed at the Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden

Lorraine Lee rose photographed at the Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden