Bring moisture back to your soil with Worm Hit

Worm Hit Organic Fertiliser pellets made predominantly from worm castings. These pellets are 5mm in diameter to suit a home gardens and agricultural uses including broad acre and horticulture.

 Worm Hit is also available in a brick form which is great for placing in the ground before planting larger trees, shrubs or bare root plants.

 Small trees and shrubs should use half a brick per plant, for citrus, fruit, nut, avocado and other large tree plants use one or half a brick per tree.

 Worm Hit Bricks are perfect for new plantings of citrus, avocado, almond trees, and any tree that can aid from accessing a steady nutrient source to help boost the root structure.

 Visit ASQ Garden & Landscape to grab a bucket or a few bricks of Worm Hit.

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