Growing & Harvesting Garlic

Gardeners, it’s time to stock up on garlic bulbs. The 17th of March, also known as St. Patrick's Day, is the traditional day to plant your garlic cloves in the ground. At ASQ Garlic & Landscape our Austral garlic is an Australian variety. Garlic is a flavourful addition to many dishes, but it's also incredibly easy to grow.

Garlic is known for its natural pest-repelling properties, which makes it an ideal companion plant for many vegetables and herbs. You can plant garlic near roses to help to prevent aphid infestations and keep your roses healthy.

Austral Garlic label

Plating: Garlic needs a long growing season, so planting it on St. Patricks Day or autumn is ideal. This allows the garlic to establish itself before the cold winter months and start growing vigorously in the spring.

To plant your garlic, separate the cloves from the bulb and plant them in well-drained soil, pointy end up and about 5cm deep.

Garlic is typically harvested in late Spring and summer when leaves have turned yellow. To harvest garlic, carefully loosen the soil around the bulbs with a garden fork or spade. Gently pull the bulbs out of the ground, careful not to damage them.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on in and stock up on Austral garlic bulbs today.

Garlic in basket