Have you ever grown Sweet Peas?

These glorious fragrant climbers are now available in seeds for planting.

The perfect time to plant Sweet Peas is on the 15th of March 2024, a week before the full moon. Planting them during this time will help them to germinate quickly and grow healthy.

If you have never grown Sweet Peas before, don't worry. You can try it out, and we'll provide all the guidance you need to kickstart your Sweet Pea gardening journey.

These beautiful climbers will add a sweet fragrance to your garden and attract pollinators like butterflies. Sweet Peas will start flowering 12-16 weeks after sowing. Once they start flowering, pick bunches of flowers as often as you like. Frequent picking will help promote a longer flowering season.

All it takes is a little space in a sunny spot and a vase for the Sweet Pea flowers to come spring. Plant some Sweet Peas in autumn and enjoy the beauty and fragrance they bring to your garden in spring.