Join us in our 'Plant it Forward' initiative


Plant it Forward

Every July, Australia supports National Tree Planting Day in many different empowering ways. This year, we’d like you to join us at ASQ in our mission to donate hundreds of trees to our local schools for their tree-planting projects. These forestation plantings will leave a lasting impact on both students and our planet.

For every indigenous tube tree you purchase to donate during June and July, ASQ will match it with another tree. A tree for a tree.

These trees will then be donated for planting by the students of California Gully Primary School, Kalianna Special School, Lightning Reef Primary, Maryborough Education Centre, Castlemaine Primary School, Harcourt Valley Primary School, St Mary’s Primary School, and Newstead Primary School on tree planting day, Friday, 26 July.

Our aim is to donate as many trees as possible for planting, we want to assist our youth, and our future, to connect with nature, to discover the peace, health and wellbeing the outdoors brings. To appreciate the power of giving back and a sense of the possibility to heal the planet and our local habitat by planting trees.

Each ASQ Garden & Landscape store will have a large jar labelled with your school's name. Each pebble in the jar represents a donation. Our goal is to see each jar filled with pebbles.

Buy one of our native sapling trees at any ASQ Garden & Landscape location, donate it, and watch as your small act of kindness grows into a towering tree of legacy for the future. When we plant a tree, we're planting for a healthier tomorrow.

Let's plant it forward. Together.