Premium Loose Bulbs Arriving Soon

As autumn arrives, it marks the perfect time to sow bulbs for a vibrant spring display.

A large shipment of loose bulk bulbs is arriving soon, delivering a wide variety of spring flowering bulbs for keen gardeners. Our selection includes an extensive array of spring flowering bulbs, including Bluebells, Daffodils, Dutch Iris, Freesia, Hyacinth, Jonquil, Poppies, Ranunculus, Tulips, and much more.

Pre-packaged bulbs are currently available in-store, anticipation is mounting for the grand reveal of our meticulously planned bulb season. Our pre-packaged bulb range features all your favourites including Allium, Babiana, Crocus, Daffodils, Freesia, Hyacinth, Ixia, Leucojum, Peacock Iris, Scilla, Sparaxis, and Tulips. Packaged bulbs remain an option for those eager to kickstart their planting journey, but the real excitement lies in the imminent delivery of our premium-quality loose bulbs.

In the meantime, our bulb zone has been temporarily transformed by flourishing indoor plants, adding a splash of greenery while we eagerly await the arrival of spring-flowering bulbs.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on and our Facebook and Instagram pages as we unveil our exciting plans and offerings for the upcoming season.

With the promise of an enjoyable experience and a bounty of spring flowering bulbs on the horizon, consider this your invitation to stay tuned and join us on this botanical journey, brought to you by our team of expert horticulturalists.

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