Product Spotlight: CropLift 400

Incitec Pivot Croplift 400 is a balanced mix of essential nutrients for boosting the health of your lawn or pasture. This premium granular fertiliser blend is designed for topdressing, ensuring your lawn has the nutrients it needs to thrive. It is available in a convenient 25kg bag.

Backyard with green lawn

ASQ Garden & Landscape Maryborough Manager Matt loves Croplift 400. He relies on it at home to maintain his lawn's health throughout the changing seasons. His vibrant green lawn and backyard are pictured.

Key Nutrient Profile:

  • 21.9% Nitrogen: Promotes lush, green foliage and vigorous growth, ideal for new and established lawns.
  • 4.7% Phosphorus: Supports root development and strengthens the plant's foundation for long-term health.
  • 7.6% Potassium: Enhances the plant's ability to withstand stress from environmental factors like drought and disease.
  • 9.1% Sulphur: Vital for overall plant health. It also helps the plant to use Nitrogen more efficiently.

Easy Application:

Applying Incitec Pivot Croplift 400 is straightforward, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a home gardener. Spread 10-15g of granules per 1 square metre evenly over the desired area, and water thoroughly. The slow-release formulation ensures a steady supply of nutrients, reducing the need for frequent reapplication and saving you time and effort.

Incitec Pivot Croplift 400 is available online at Order today and have it delivered directly to your door or backyard, making it easier than ever to maintain your lawns and green spaces.

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Croplift 400 pictured at ASQ Maryborough (VIC) with SirWalter Lawn