Tree ferns

Grown across South East Australia, Tasmania and parts of Northern Queensland, the Dicksonia Antarctica tree fern is native in Australia.

In the wild, these tree ferns live in moist areas such as alongside creeks, in gullies and occasionally in high mountains. It is important to plant them in areas protected from frost and in a somewhat tropical climate.

The best place for tree ferns is in an established fernery or any position where it can replicate a large tree canopy or forest-like setting. Tree ferns thrive when planted in loose, well-drained soil with lots of organic matter and are given plenty of water and mulch. They love water with water misters being the best option for these delicate plants, but in true Aussie spirit, they can withstand periods of dry weather making them great for Central Victoria.

These ferns don’t require a lot of maintenance, however, if you notice that the crown of your tree fern looks closed off, grab your secateurs and remove any dead fronds to open it up. Not only will this make your tree fern look great, but it will also allow new fronds to make their way through without obstruction. When doing this it is important to submerge your hand in the top of the crown to ensure you are removing the dead fronds from their base.

So, whether you’re experienced in growing tree ferns or you're interested in adding one to your garden, come in and see our range and talk to our friendly staff about the best place to plant yours!

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