Which Bark & Mulch products are right for you?

Everything in your garden will benefit from mulch. When choosing the variety, it depends on the plants in your garden and what look you are after as each has their own ideal place.

We find bark mulch, especially Pine Bark Fine the most diverse to use in the garden. It helps the soil hold its moisture in summer, hold colour really well and decompose down to improve the soil over time. Mushroom Mulch is also an excellent choice; however, it is not suitable for native plants.

Organic compost can be used as a mulch, it is more suitable for nutrient-hungry and rapidly growing plants like flowering annuals, fruit trees, and vegetables. 

Coarse Chunky mulches such as Terracotta Mulch, and Pine Bark Coarse last for ages. They hold themselves down so pets (like chooks and geese) don't move it around. Perfect for wide, open spaces and garden pathways such as around the vegie patch.

Pine Mulch Stripped is a popular choice for many landscapers and gardeners due to its natural finish and ability to remain in place, even on steep slopes. Pine Mulch Stripped becomes slightly acidic as it breaks down, making it ideal for plants that require slightly acidic soils, such as Camellias and Azaleas.

Soft Play is a great option for under the swing, it is a soft pine bark that is certified as a playground under surface material, making it a safe and reliable option for use in school, public and private playgrounds.

We recommend bark at mulch applied to your garden at a thickness of 50mm, keeping it away from the stems of trees to prevent collar rot. Check each individual product listing for full details. 

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Image: Soft Play


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