Allstone Quarries produces and supplies a large range of quality quarry and recycled products, these products are sourced from our licensed and approved sites, they are produced to meet Vic roads and Australian standards where applicable.

With our extensive operating experience we can also supply material for applications requiring special characteristics such as filter and drainage products as well as a large range of decorative materials.

Our range of quarry products includes:

Road base and sub base:
- 20mm Class 1
- 20mm Class 2
- 20mm Class 3
- 40mm Class 3
- 20mm Class 4
- 40mm Class 4
- 20mm Shire Mix

- 5/7mm
- 10/14mm
- 20mm
- 40mm
- Rail Ballast
- Filter Aggregate

- 150mm
- 300mm
- 500mm
- 800mm

- Washed Granite Sand

- 14mm New Pack
- 20mm New Pack
- 80mm Scalps

Click HERE to access the Safety data sheet for Quarry and Sand Products.