Recycled glass sand

Our Recycled Glass Sand is collected as part of the City of Greater Bendigo’s kerbside recycling initiative and is taken to a local material recovery facility where the recyclable materials are separated and forwarded on for reuse.

As a part of this process there is a quantity of material that can’t be separated and is largely made up of mixed and broken glass. This glass is unsuitable for remanufacturing so it is sent to ASQ where we crush, screen and grade the glass down to a 4.75mm sand product which meets VicRoads specifications. As a part of this process we are also able to remove materials such as plastics, timber, metals.

Our Recycled Glass Sand is then passed on to commercial customers who primarily utilise the product by adding it to asphalt mixes and using it as bedding sand for various applications.

Applications and uses 
- Sand substitute
- Additive for concrete mixes
- Additive for asphalt mixes
- Abrasive for paint blasting

Benefits of use
- Locally sourced product
- Supports circular economy
- Cost effective option
- Readily available
- Raw material alternative

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