Build a Fairy Garden

The team at ASQ Castlemaine are landscape experts and horticulturalists, and they also excel in building fairy gardens. Over the last several decades, our team have been building up their knowledge to provide comfortable garden retreats to fairies and other enchanted garden friends.

A fairy garden is a magical miniature garden that can come in many forms, from simple container gardens to elaborate landscapes. They're filled with tiny plants, flowers, and trees, and often decorated with fairy houses, bridges, benches, and other cute accessories.

While creating a fairy garden might seem like a fun and whimsical activity, it can also engage the imagination and explore the magic of nature.

To create a fairy garden, you'll need some essential features, like tiny ornaments and a fairy house to make it extra cozy. You can also add plants like succulents and ferns, natural elements like rocks and shells, and a small water feature like a pond or fountain.

Don't forget to create winding pathways through your fairy garden so your fairy friends can explore and play.

We’ve included some photos as inspiration however, we have heaps of awesome miniatures in stock at ASQ Castlemaine.

Plant suggestions:

Moss is a low-growing ground cover that spreads easily and quickly, making it perfect for filling in gaps and creating a dense carpet of green.

White thyme (Thymus vulgaris 'Albus') is a low-growing plant with small, fragrant leaves and can be used to create a natural-looking ground cover. It produces small white flowers that can add a subtle beauty to your fairy garden. It is easy-to-care-for requiring minimal maintenance and can tolerate drought conditions.


Maidenhair ferns (Adiantum) have delicate, fan-like leaves that give them a graceful appearance. They thrive in shaded or partially shaded areas and can be used to create a lush, green backdrop in your fairy garden.

Jade plant

Adding a Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) to a fairy garden is a wonderful way to bring a touch of greenery and a lovely succulent texture that contrasts with other plants and decorative elements in the garden. Jade Plants are a symbol of good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

Fairy garden with plants

Spider plants (pictured above on right) have cascading foliage resembling spider legs, adding whimsy, while heart leaf philodendrons (pictured above on left and below) have glossy, heart-shaped leaves with trailing vines. Both are easy to care for, adaptable to various light conditions and can add height and depth to a miniature landscape, perfect for a fairy garden.

Heart leaf Philodendron

Creating a fairy garden with these special features will transform it into an enchanting place that will bring happiness and wonder to everyone who visits. Building a fairy garden also offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and create a sense of wonder and magic in your very own garden.

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