Banksia Birthday Candles

Banksia ‘Birthday Candles’

Banksia spinulosa, commonly known as Birthday Candles, is a small shrub which grows to approximately 0.6m high by 1.5m wide. The dense foliage looks spectacular year round, but the best of this plant is shown in autumn when the golden flowers bloom.

Birthday Candles thrive in a full sun to part shade position in well drained, acidic soil with a low pH. Requiring little water makes them a drought tolerant and cost effective plant, as well as being ideal for low maintenance gardens across the region.

Mass plant them in your garden for a striking display, use them as a low growing hedge or grow them in containers on your patio.

Banksia Birthday candles are an easy to grow, beautiful plant that will thrive in most gardens. Visit ASQ Garden & Landscape this month to sees our display!

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