Create an urban jungle with indoor plants

Here at ASQ we are passionate about indoor plants as they add a touch of natural beauty to any indoor space, making it feel more vibrant, lively, and inviting.

Venus flytraps (dionaea muscipula) in a red pot

Over the last few years, indoor plants have become a popular, modern, and stylish addition to any decor, with a wide variety of plants available to match your unique style and living space. If your interior design leans towards an urban jungle, cottage core, Japanese Zen, 70's bungalow, or boho aesthetic, there is an indoor plant that can complement your design scheme.

Lush green bonsai tree in a pot on a timber shelf. The pot also contains 5mm white stones.

For those who lack confidence in their green thumb, there are many low-maintenance options that require minimal attention. This makes it easier to enjoy the beauty of indoor plants without having to devote too much time to their care.

Indoor plants are also known to create a calming and peaceful environment, which can be helpful when trying to stay focused and productive. The team at ASQ Head Office have a number of indoor plants throughout their space to improve air quality and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Cordyline Fruiticosa

Visit ASQ Garden & Landscape to check out our range of hand-picked plants which thrive indoors and get expert advice from our horticulturalists on how to care for your new plant companions.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

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