10 Reasons to add mulch & bark to your garden

We love mulch, it acts as a blanket providing protection to our soil. Mulch is a great product that does so much for your soil and garden. We have plenty of choices of bark & mulch, from eucalyptus and mushroom mulch to pine bark mulch, manure and organic compost. Here are a couple of reasons we add it to our gardens, and think you should too. 

  1. Mulch is excellent at keeping the moisture in and reducing the amount of time you need to spend watering.
  2. Mulch and bark products insulate the soil, protecting it from sudden temperature changes, keeping worms and soil microbes happy. 
  3. It prevents new weeds by keeping them from reaching germination.
  4. It adds nutrients to the soil.
  5. Protects plants from frost damage by acting as soil protection.
  6. Provides a clean surface for your produce such as fruit, veggies and nuts to fall when ripe.
  7. Protects and provides supports around young plants from wind.
  8. Protects plants from getting splattered with soil during rain and watering.
  9. Mulch prevents erosion and soil compaction, particularly from foot traffic on pathways, it's perfect for around the outside of your vegie patch.
  10. It makes your garden look neat and tidy. 


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