Water saving in summer

With the warm weather coming our way, we all want to maintain our gardens using as little water as possible. Here are a few tips to help you water less but keep your garden alive throughout summer!

  1. Water your gardens in the morning and pot plants in the afternoon. Research has shown that pot plants watered in the afternoon become stronger and healthier. When watering, make sure you don't wet the foliage as this can cause fungal disease.
  2. Mulch, mulch and more mulch! Did you know 70% of water can evaporate from soil on a hot day? Applying mulch will substantially decrease this amount, keeping your plants happy and healthy!
  3. Add compost or organic matter to help your soil retain water, while also improving the soil structure and feeding your plants healthy nutrients.
  4. Get to know your soil this summer! Take a close look to see how deep water penetrates your soil to determine how often and for how long you need to water.
  5. Choose your plants wisely. If you're looking to cut back on watering, choose plants with low water requirements, such as natives. Plants with small or narrow leaves, grey or silver foliage and those with curly leaves are common choices for water saving plants.

With these tips and tricks your garden should continue to thrive right through until March and beyond.

For more information, contact your local ASQ Garden & Landscape store and our friendly staff will be happy to help you with your water saving plan this summer!

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