Why We Love It

  • Hard Wearing

Why we love it

  • Hard Wearing

Product Information

Ah, Eureka! We found it - the best kikuyu lawn for your lot!

Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu Turf is a great all-rounder grass. It has a unique growth habit, enabled by shorter internodes and fibrous root system, aiding in faster establishment, recovery, and weed suppression than other kikuyu varieties. The finer leaf makes it pleasant to dig the toes into, and the bright yellow-green hue creates an eye-catching lawn that comes with many benefits.

In warm seasons, Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu Turf exhibits superior drought tolerance thanks to a strong, deep root base. The root system acts like long straws, sucking up the moisture and nutrients from deep in the subsoil, maintaining health and vitality even in the harsh heat.

In cool seasons, Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu Turf demonstrates excellent cold weather and winter weed resistance. The impressive winter growth habit means it can be installed all year round. While it will still experience varying degrees of winter discolouration, it has a significantly shorter dormancy period than most other common couch varieties because of the cool weather tolerance abilities.

From the village green to the humble Aussie backyard, Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu Turf is at home almost anywhere! If you after a recreational grass (even if it is just for backyard footy or cricket!), a lawn for your nature strip, or to cover large spaces, then this turf type is one that will tick almost all the boxes. It will perform well anywhere that is a full sun situation, but not so well in a shaded area as it prefers 5-6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

We supply all our turf varieties in a premium quality slab-cut form, minimium order 30m2. The dimensions of each slab are 1.2m long and 410mm wide.

Relatively low maintenance, Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu will still need some extra care to bring out the attractive features.

After establishment, water Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu only as needed. No watering is necessary during winter unless there are signs of dryness or wilting.

Avoid mowing too short in winter, keep mower blades sharp, and never cut more than a third of the leaf unless dethatching. For best performance, maintain an optimum mowing height of 15-20mm.

Fertilise Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu Turf in mid-September to green it up after winter. Follow with another round in early April to sustain growth into the cooler months, as needed based on performance and environment.