Why We Love It

  • Hard Wearing
  • Weed suppressant

Why we love it

  • Hard Wearing
  • Weed suppressant

Product Information

Durable. Hardy. Drought-tolerant. TifTuf Bermuda Turf is made for the Aussie backyard.

Our tough dry summers and mild winters can do a number on lawns. Not to mention your water bill! During water restrictions or drier months, maintaining your lawn can be an uphill battle. Watching it turn from brilliant green to a dried-out brown can be hard yakka for us lawn lovers. But with TifTuf, you can enjoy a healthy lawn - without the high water bill.

TifTuf Bermuda is a drought-tolerant turf grass that thrives in our ever-changing Victorian climate. It was the first-ever turf grass to have received the Smart Approved WaterMark, TifTuf has been hand-selected and bred from over 30,000 different varieties for its superior drought tolerance, shade tolerance, wear tolerance and colour retention when compared with other varieties.

TifTuf is a turf grass variety that has been bred to withstand drought conditions and save you a bucket load on water. Its dense growth and very fine leaf blade also make it suitable for a variety of applications. From the humble backyard to premier and elite level sporting grounds, TifTuf is the perfect all-rounder for the diehard lawn fanatic and backyard sporting hero. If you are keen to do your bit for the environment, then you will love TifTuf! Once established, it has minimal water requirements and can be maintained with grey, tank or bore water.

TifTuf produces a dense growth habit with a very fine leaf blade. It is an aggressive grower, and able to establish faster than other turf types. In fact, TifTuf can take root in less than 7 days - that is up to 75% quicker than other varieties!

While you can expect some degree of colour loss during winter, a healthy TifTuf lawn will green up earlier coming out of winter and will go into winter dormancy later than other Bermuda varieties.

All turf varieties are delivered direct from the farm to you and supplied in a premium quality slab-cut form with a minimum order 30m2, contact us for smaller orders. The dimensions of each slab are 1.2m2 long and 410mm wide.