Product Information

Sir Walter is an Aussie born and bred turf variety, perfect for our tough Australian climate. Versatile and hardy, Sir Walter has stood the test of time and can go - and grow - anywhere! Sir Walter tolerates full sun, shade, extreme heat, frost and drought conditions. It is truly a lawn for life! The tight growth growing habit means it is awesome at blocking out weeds while maintaining a lush and healthy green when provided with the proper lawn care routine.

What's more - Sir Walter DNA Certified is a low maintenance turf, freeing you from the hours spent on mowing and watering. Say goodbye to unsightly bare patches and the worry of kids and pets playing on the lawn. It's the holy grail of lawns, being pest, disease, and weed resistant. This child and pet-friendly turf is the perfect choice for all Aussie households, even in the long, cold, frosty, and dark winter days. Your Sir Walter will not just survive but thrive, with minimal effort on your part.

Sir Walter DNA Certified is drought-tolerant and easily handles extended periods without rain. Thanks to its deep root system, Sir Walter can gather moisture deep into the subsoil and retain it as needed.

One of Sir Walter's premium qualities is its ability to self-repair. After periods of drought or heavy wear and tear, it regenerates, requiring less time for fertilising and lawn repair, and giving you more time to enjoy your lawn.

With its self-repairing, shade, and drought-tolerant features, Sir Walter DNA Certified Instant Turf is a low-maintenance dream. Requiring just three hours of sunlight a day, a simple mow to 4-6cm length, and watering as needed, it's a breeze to keep in top shape. Plus, its non-invasive underground root system means no more battling grass runners in your garden beds.

Unlike other turf types, Sir Walter DNA Certified can handle high traffic. If you have children or pets, you better believe your lawn will stay looking picture-perfect even after a day of backyard cricket! .

Sir Walter is suitable for installation all year round. Because it's a self-repairing grass, once installed (particularly during winter), it will be slow to establish. However, this means it will require little to no maintenance. Once fully established, you can enjoy Sir Walter DNA no matter the weather.

We supply all our turf varieties in a premium quality slab-cut form. Dimensions of each slab are 1.2m long and 410mm wide. Minimum order 30m2