Why We Love It

  • Weed suppressant

Why we love it

  • Weed suppressant

Product Information

Another show-stopping lawn. Sir Grange Zoysia turf will enhance your landscaping and transform any space into a stunning feature lawn. We believe Sir Grange is one of the most attractive grasses, with its dark emerald green, fine, soft blades-no wonder it is used on high-end golf courses! Sir Grange thrives in low-traffic areas with full sun to partial shade (once established). But please, no pets!

Sir Grange is an extremely slow grower in Victorian climate zones, which is great if you are wanting a low maintenance lawn, but if you have a fur friend in your backyard, Sir Grange will struggle to self repair if it sustains damage from dog urine burn.

Sir Grange is an extremely slow-growing lawn in Victorian climates, making it a low maintenance lawn, however, it struggles to recover from dog urine damage. Our tip: For families and dog parents who have their heart set on Sir Grange, install it in near the pool, or courtyard. Somewhere that it will not be disturbed and that allows it to survive and thrive!

Sir Grange is the type of lawn that makes you wonder, what variety of lawn is that when you see it from the road.

A slow grower, Sir Grange is non-invasive and has incredible canopy density, which makes it tougher for weeds to penetrate and invade. As long as the property owner maintains a healthy lawn, it will be less susceptible to damage from insects and disease. If you or your family suffer from hay fever or allergies, they will love that Sir Grange is low-allergenic.

We supply all our turf varieties in a premium quality slab-cut form. The dimensions of each slab are 1.2m long and 410mm wide.

It thrives in full-sun and still maintains its beauty even in part-shaded areas with a minimum of 4 hours of direct or filtered sunlight.

It's worth bearing in mind that as Sir Grange is a slow growing lawn it takes longer to establish than other turf varieties commonly grown in Victoria. While it normally takes about 18 weeks to fully establish further north, it can take twice as long in Victoria. For best results it is recommended that you install a Sir Grange lawn during the warmer months of the year - but usually between October and Labour Day long weekend in March.

Once established, your lawn will be practically maintenance free, requiring up to 50% less water and mowing. Sir Grange can handle a variety of mowing heights and can be mowed quite low to achieve that bowling green appearance.