Why We Love It

  • Weed suppressant

Why we love it

  • Weed suppressant

Product Information

Sir Grange loves spaces where it can be admired. Low-traffic and full-sun to part shade environments (once established) suit it best. But please, no pets!

This dark emerald green turf has fine leaf blades that are soft to touch. Gardeners love its drought-tolerance and low water requirements. A slow grower, Sir Grange is non-invasive and has incredible canopy density, which makes it tougher for weeds to penetrate and invade.

As long as the property owner maintains a healthy lawn, it will be less susceptible to damage from insects and disease. If you or your family suffer from hay fever or allergies, they will love that Sir Grange is low-allergenic.

Sir Grange is not suitable for use in childrens play area as it does not tolerate high foot or paw traffic, as its slow growing nature makes it difficult to self-repair within a reasonable timeframe. Our tip: For families and dog parents who heart is set on Sir Grange, install it in near the pool, or courtyard. Somewhere that it wont be disturbed and that allows it to survive and thrive!