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This weeping maple is a true spectacle in any garden setting. It has distinct palmate leaves spread out like fingers from a central point. These form seven to nine long, fine lobes, where the intricate patterns created by the leaf divisions resemble delicate lacework in autumnal colours.

This cultivar is at its best in spring when the rich burgundy-purple colour of the foliage is vivid. As summer approaches, the richness of the colour lessens, and a slight green tone combines with the dark hues. In autumn, it returns to the burgundy-purple colours.

Plant this Acer in a protected area and mulch well for optimal growth. Standing at an estimated 3 meters in height and 3 meters in width, its compact, dome-shaped form with a bushy, weeping habit is suitable for growing in large containers. Prune the tree when planting to encourage new growth.