Gardening with the Healers

Nestled in the suburbs of Brisbane at the end of a cosy cul-de-sac, you’ll find the Healers cream weatherboard home with its delightful garden. The front yard proudly showcases a mailbox, driveway, and a birdbath filled with cheery succulents.

Step into the backyard, and between the hedge of English Box (Bruxism Sempervirens) and Agapanthus, you'll be greeted by a majestic royal poinciana tree, often called a flame tree, with its bright green leaves that deepen over summer. This tree, with its stunning red floral display and large brown bean-like seed pods, boasts a bench wrapped around its base—a perfect spot to relax.

Out back, it’s a playful paradise with a sandpit, a handy shed, and a trampoline. Outside Chili and Bandit Healers’ room, purple blooms from a jacaranda tree blow in the wind, while the tree outside Bingo and Blueys room, a frangipani (plumeria), dazzles with white and yellow flowers.

Just so you know, this is a fun guess based on what we can spot as the house and garden change. We’re not totally sure about the exact plants Chili, Bandit, Bluey, and Bingo have at home. If you’re hunting for garden inspiration, make sure the plants you pick are pet-friendly.

The Healer family, Bandit and Chili, and their daughters Bluey and Bingo, turn everyday moments into adventures, especially when it comes to their garden. Each brings their own unique personality to the outdoors.

Bluey Healer loves to role play, staging epic adventures that unfold among the flowers. Bluey’s is an experienced fairy garden builder. Her fairy cards are complete with tiny houses and miniature landscapes, attract a variety of insects that she and Bingo delight in observing and learning about.

Bingo Healer is a kind, curious and creative gardener. Bingo loves new discoveries and often finds herself captivated by the small wonders of the world, such as dewdrops or a blooming flower or a tiny insect making its way across a leaf. Her fascination with insects—like ladybugs, butterflies, and ants—turns each stroll through the garden into a captivating exploration.

Bandit is an archaeologist, which means he’s an expert at digging. His knowledge extends beyond ancient artifacts to soil health, ensuring the garden thrives with the best mulches and landscaping materials.

Chili Healer embodies a nurturing spirit in every aspect of her life, including gardening. Her home is filled with low-maintenance air purifying plants such as Monstera deliciosa, Zanzibar Gem, Heart leaf philodendron, Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Sansevieria Laurentii), Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides) and Peace Lilies. 

Beyond gardening, the Healers enjoy connecting with their world. They encourage curiosity about wildlife instil a sense of wonder and respect for all living things.

Photos: Ludo Studio