Which soil is right for you?

When choosing the right soil product, it depends on the goals you have for your garden, as each soil has it's own ideal place. We've broken down five products below to help you select the product that will work best for your space. Click on the product names to see more or visit our online store

Vegie Garden Soil:

  • A blend of locally sourced top soil, pine bark fines and washed granite sand.
  • Ideal for vegetable gardens, fruit trees and citrus.
  • Rich, aerated soil structure for excellent plant growth and moisture retention.

Garden Soil:

  • A blend of locally sourced top soil, washed granite sand and organic compost (recycled product).
  • Excellent moisture retention in the soil profile.
  • Slow release nutrient for prolonged plant health.
  • Good soil structure to reduce fungal diseases.
  • Suitable for most plants.
  • An excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers due to the recycled organic compost. 
  • Great for new garden beds or garden bed restoration.

Premium Garden Soil: 

  • A blend of locally sourced top soil, find bark fines, washed granite sand and a sprinkling of chicken manure.
  • Choose this over Garden soil to support vigorous growth for a range of plants.
  • Excellent for herbs, shrubs, roses and flowers.
  • When using to grow acid-loving plants (citrus, Murrayas, Azaleas etc.), we recommend applying 50g of iron sulphate per cubic metre of soil twice a year during the growing season.

Organic Compost:

  • A mixture of organic matter sourced from a local compost facility.
  • Improved moisture retention and availability.
  • Reduced runoff and increased absorption.
  • Improved soil structure to reduce plant diseases.
  • Improved plant resistance to periods of stress, including drought conditions.
  • It can also be used as a top dressing for garden beds to a depth of 50mm.
  • The composting process is stringently managed to ensure a high quality finished product.

Premium Turf Sand:

  • Apply as a base before laying fresh cut turf 
  • Use when sowing a new lawn to support vigorous growth
  • moisture retentive to help minimize your lawn’s water requirements

A lawn, vegie patch or garden bed with the right soil blend will be better able to resist disease and produce a higher yield of fruit. This is very important when in competition with your neighbours over who can grow the best tomatoes. Check out our top tips for growing tomatoes on the news page. 

Feel free to get in touch with our experienced team of horticulturalists at ASQ Garden & Landscape either by phone, email, or by visiting our store.

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