New Lunar Year: 10th February 2024

Amongst the many auspicious plants, citrus, particularly cumquats, mandarins and oranges, are a welcome gift during this season. During the Lunar New Year, they are considered excellent for inviting good fortune and prosperity to your home.

The lucky colours of red and gold and the beautiful orange hues that citrus offer are symbols of wealth, health, and family happiness. Persimmons and peaches hold symbolic significance. Peaches are considered to be the fruit of the gods and represent longevity and health.

A thriving citrus tree adds a cheerful touch to any space. Abundant and vibrant, these evergreen and adaptable trees are a valuable addition to every garden or container.

We have every citrus flavour available for you…(well almost). Fruit trees feature on our website at and in-store at all of our ASQ Garden & Landscape locations.

Citrus are ideal plants for growing in containers.

Citrus are shallow-rooted trees, and when grown in a premium potting mix and looked after with plenty of TLC they will thrive in pots and containers.

Citrus will happily grow in pots for years. We suggest you select Dwarf Varieties. However, you’re in control with the secateurs. Therefore, a “standard” sized tree is no problem.

Keep your citrus trees fed with Grow Better Controlled Release or an organic pellet, and for additional liquid feed between times we recommend Charlie Carp to bring flourishing success. Citrus are very greedy, and always hungry for more nutrients so keep the food up to them.