Why We Love It

  • Hard Wearing

Why we love it

  • Hard Wearing

Product Information

Eureka Premium is a proven performer in Victoria. It easily handles variable weather conditions as it thrives in heat and sun and maintains its aggressive growth habit throughout the cooler months. Eureka Premium is a tough all-rounder grass. It has a unique growth habit, enabled by its shorter internodes and fibrous root system; this aids in it establishing faster, recovering quicker and suppressing weeds faster than other kikuyu varieties.

Eureka Premium exhibits exceptional drought tolerance thanks to its strong, deep root base. Essentially, its root system acts like long straws, sucking up the moisture and nutrients from deep in the subsoil. This deep root base helps it maintain its health and vitality even in the harsh heat. Eureka Premium Turf demonstrates excellent cold weather and winter weed resistance. Its impressive winter growth habit means it can be installed all year round. While it will still experience some degree of winter discolouration, it has a significantly shorter dormancy period than most other couch varieties because of its tolerates cool weather. Eureka Premium Kikuyu grass has undergone the strictest tests and regulations to ensure its quality.