ASQ accepts waste materials for recycling

Our construction and demolition waste recycling plant in Eaglehawk was established in 1999. It is something that we are proud of.

Construction and demolition waste materials including concrete, asphalt, bricks, plasterboard, and glass from our landscape supply yards in Eaglehawk, Castlemaine and Maryborough, are delivered to our plant and recycled into eco-friendly construction materials, including our Recycled Glass Sand (pictured).

Our Recycled Glass Sand is manufactured as part of City of Greater Bendigo's curb side recycling initiative when there is glass material that cannot be separated or used for remanufacturing as container glass. This leftover glass is sent to our recycling plant, where we crush, screen and grade the glass down to a 4.75mm glass sand product that meets VicRoads specifications.

 ASQ supports circular economy, circular economy is an economic system that aims to reduce the environmental impact of goods and services. It also focuses on the management of resources and waste in a sustainable way, such as in the City of Greater Bendigo's curb side recycling initiative.

The role of circular economy in transforming demolition waste into recycled materials such as glass sand can benefit many.

Our Eaglehawk recycling plant and transfer service allow everyone, not just large organisations, to dispose of materials by providing a facility that prevents the material from ending up in landfills and being open outside of typical business hours for convenient drop-off.

While ASQ able is able to produce products from this waste, it also allows construction companies to reduce their costs and improve their own environmental footprint as the building industry can be incredibly wasteful, with some building companies spending thousands of dollars annually on demolition, landfill, and waste disposal.

 ASQ uses this waste to produce a range of environmentally friendly and cost-effective products, including Vic Roads road base, glass sand, sub-base, decorative products and gypsum soil conditioners. Most of these products are available from our landscape supply yards in Eaglehawk, Castlemaine and Maryborough to both retail and commercial customers.

Download a flyer for the full list of materials and costs for waste material recycling at Eaglehawk, Castlemaine and Maryborough.

 Let us recycle your road, windows, footpath or plasterboard walls.

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